Saturday, September 25, 2004


welcome to all friends of Silver Lining. This page is for you. You can express what you want. So, let's go!
Silver Lining


Blogger A fan said...

Hi Thierry,
Great idea this one of put together all the Lyon bands!!!
I consider Lyon is not a desert considering from here we have probably the best French progressive album issued this year: The Inner Dragon of Silver Lining.
By the way, do you know if some day will be reissued on CD the great album of Angipatch called Delirium???.
Congratulations, and continue of this way, Thierry,

8:17 AM  
Blogger Renate said...

Hello guys and girl, how could one forget the girl who plays the violin, which is to me the thing which attracted me to your music in the first place. Love your CD The Inner Dragon. Hope to find a follow up one day.

3:49 AM  
Blogger Melo said...

Hi Thierry,

Just wanted you to know I love the music you make. C'est realment incroyable!!!

2:17 AM  
Anonymous Ricardo said...

Hi Thierry

We meet in last Tiana progfest, in where we was talking about your band. Fortunately, you convinced me to try and listen your music, and now i can say i'am very pleased in having buyed your CD.

My most sincere congratulations, "The Inner Dragon" is a very delightful and impressive work. The sound is quite brilliant, all the instruments are perfectly balanced and mixed and the music is really enjoyable for a symphonic-progrock fan. Really all the band deserve good comments, but let me give a special point in the violinist, Annie Morel is a master, her playing is incredible and captivates from the begining.

You've made a great work and sure i'll recommend this disk, i hope you will continue doing more music in the future. I'm from Madrid, Spain, and sadly here the culture in music is very poor (and in what respects progressive music, almost null). I wish we could have here more opportunities to receive great prog-bands playing live, but i'm afraid that i must travel far if i want to enjoy them. And that's what i'm doing now that i can, travelling in where good festivals are taking part, so i went to Tiana and in July and i will assist to Lorelei in july and probably to Oslo's Subtacto in august. I hope we meet again in one of this great meetings around. Please inform me of any live concert in which Silver Lining will take part and i'll do the possible to assist.

Don't hesitate in asking anything i can do for you here in Madrid, if you want to contact someone or if you have any idea of a way to promote more your music here. I'm a real prog-fan since i was a child (and now i'm 45), and as John Miles would say: "music was my first love" (and still being my all time love :D).

Thank you for your music, keep up with the good work!

My best regards

10:48 AM  
Blogger A fan said...

This CD is for me one of the best progressive rock from years 2000 era. I have one and like it very very much, I want to send my congratulations to all the band!!! Regards from Brazil

Claudio Oddone

2:15 PM  

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